Our Office

We are located in beautiful Carlsbad California across from Palomar Airport. Our location offers the ideal meeting spot, surrounded by beauty and quiet courtyards to ponder your next grand idea.You can find us near the airport at Yarrow & 2141 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad Executive Suites in Carlsbad.

Our Rates

We provide services on an hourly or fixed fee basis. Our clients include individual inventors, businesses, and other law firms that benefit from our specialized knowledge and experience. We provide free consultations on select days in person, over the phone.


The culmination of Innovation, Communication, and Technology. Each ingredient is carefully used to its fullest potential to create success in our clients, which after all, is how we measure our success.


We are an intellectual property law firm that believes that the quality of our people and the results we obtain speak for themselves. We value experience and believe communication strengthens our ability to achieve success. We emphasize customer service as a top priority in every task we take on. We have a proven track record of successful work and our attorneys are community conscious people who bring passion and dedication to all they become involved in.


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latest news

Intercontinental IP protects drone rights
Drone Law

More and more companies want to tap into the small commercial drone industry, but the FAA is still working on regulations for it.

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New Exciting Vacation Spots

Looking for a place to relax on the beach, pick some tropical fruit right off the tree and eat it at its freshest, or do a bit of sea kayaking and windsurfing on calm emerald green waters?

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