What can be Trademarked?

Items that can be trademarked range from logos, slogans and names of products and companies.

What makes for a good Trademark name?

Fanciful - such as Xerox, Google, M&Ms ( No common meanings, made-up words)

Arbitrary: Apple, Sun (computers), Shell (gasoline), Delta, American (airlines, faucets, insurance)

Suggestive: Microsoft, Citibank, Jaguar (cars), Greyhound (bus line)

Descriptive: Sharp (TV), Windows (Microsoft), Internations Business Machines

Generic: "Drones" as a brand of drones (or 1-4 that was allowed to become generic over time, for example, "asprin", "Just Google that word", let's "Photoshop" that picture

Good Trademark Name examples - "Phantom" and "Parrot" Drone companies

Trademark Search

We do not offer in-house trademark searches.  We use a trademark searching company and will also analyze any results for a flat fee of $750/class.   


$1,095 includes preparation and filing of application in one class ($600 for each additional class filing), review of receipt, review of search codes, review of first response form USPTO and estimate of cost of response, docketing of all actions.  

Trademarks 101